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Dogtra Europe authorised suppliers

Dogtra Europe authorised suppliers  

Please take the time to look through some of our short videos included on this page. We educate or re-educate your dogs using a range of training methods, including (but not limited to) clicker, whistle, lure-reward targeting and 'free-shaping'. Without a doubt however, the most valuable tool in the box is the ability to 'read' the dogs we train. We believe that the body language of the doggy stars involved conveys their enjoyment of training with us far more effectively than our words ever could!

As you will notice, Take the Lead dogs train because they want to train - simple as that!

This is just a selection of the short videos we have available to assist you in your decision to choose to train with Take The Lead dog training. Please click on the youtube link to the left to access many more.

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