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Dogtra Europe authorised suppliers

Dogtra Europe authorised suppliers  


Our reputation, experience and ability is second to none. Take the Lead Dog Training provide training, problem behaviour resolution and comprehensive assistance not just throughout the South West, but the entire UK! Via video-links, we have advised clients in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia Canada and the USA too!

In a market awash with either dominance-based (become the Alpha) mythology, or the misguided and unsubstantiated claims that everything and anything can be achieved with a clicker and a 'Higher value reward', Take the Lead Dog Training Ltd have proven ourselves hundreds of times over to be THE most honest, transparent professional and balanced dog training and behaviour modification service available - We genuinely believe - Anywhere, within the British Isles.

Unlike many other services you may find, we are motivated by success before money. Consequently, you will find our prices beyond-comparable to those of virtually all other problem-behaviour modification 'Behaviourist's' (often DOUBLE our prices) and professional dog trainers. Please contact us to fully discuss pricing for your individual requirements.

We ABSOLUTELY will not compromise the physical or mental well being of your dog in order to demonstrate momentary fear compliance or make a fast pound. Jamie is exceptionally well-versed in the psychology of learning and behavior and highly skilled and experienced in transferring theory into practice - in 'real life' environments where the training genuinely counts! Take the Lead Dog Training Ltd. have provided multiple informative seminars on both dog training theory and application, including live demonstrations with previously unknown dogs.

Our business is based on a love of dogs and a desire to improve lives of dogs and their owners through improved communication and understanding. 

Dogs at The Sundial in Plymouth

Areas covered

Although based in Tavistock, Devon, private training and behaviour modification services are offered throughout the whole of the U.K.

Driven by a passion for welfare, and a strict, moral obligation to ensure that all of our clients (canine and human) receive the absolute best service available; Jamie travels extensively, ensuring that only the highest standards of training and problem behaviour resolution are delivered effectively, to dog owners across Britain.

Welfare, freedom, responsibility and results, are the cornerstones of Jamie’s ethos. His honesty, transparency and integrity are unsurpassed. Indeed, he has debated and educated to audiences of millions, against some of the country’s most prominent vets and behaviourists on several, national T.V. and radio appearances; demonstrating his steadfast commitment to ethical, effective dog training and problem behaviour resolution.

All services are uniquely tailored to ensure the absolute best experience and outcome for our clients. We understand that any decision to entrust the welfare of your dog, your time and indeed your money, towards a third party is one deserving of much consideration. We will NEVER pressurise, provide unsubstantiated claims, or act in any manner potentially considered deceitful in order to secure appointments.

Pricing depends entirely on the requirements of our clients and may include travel/accommodation expenses, which vary depending on location. Please ‘contact us’ for full service and pricing details.

Our entry-level service involves a thorough, private training/behaviour consultation.

Dog  on a Bike!

A behavioural consultation typically consists of us meeting you and your dog, (ideally in the home environment), to discuss observe and assess your concerns. By looking at your dog and your interactions within the home, we are better able to accurately evaluate causes and triggers for problem behaviours. If the problem is one that occurs typically outside of the home (such as chasing, lunging, recall problems or environmental fears) we will suggest an assessment in the most suitable location for the behaviour to present itself. For example, there is little point trying to address chasing cyclists in your kitchen!

We will then discuss the most appropriate* methods with you for addressing your concerns, to include demonstrations of how to help your dog understand what you want from them. You'd be amazed at how confused these poor guys can be!

*By appropriate, we mean simple, consistent, replicable, mutually understandable, reliable and efficient.

We provide you with the necessary skills to enable continuation training in your own time. A typical initial consultation takes approximately 2hrs.

Pricing for additional sessions varies according to individual requirements

Take The Lead Dog Training will NEVER recommend additional training sessions if we do not consider them absolutely necessary. We aim to provide the most cost-effective, yet comprehensive service available, with the goal of achieving maximum client satisfaction in the shortest space of time.

Board and Train Services - Variable

Over the years, we have come to appreciate that despite the very best of owner intention and bucket-loads of love, there are certain situations where the best option for both dog and owner is to take your dog/s, board them with us in an exclusive kennel/enclosure facility and allow us to take ALL of the strain from you! Following an initial consultation to ascertain the severity of the issue and your personal requirements, we will then board and train your dog for you! This option allows us 24hr access to your dog and ensures that they receive the absolute optimal training or behaviour modification input available. Much of the work undertaken is video-recorded for your information along the way and a full hand-over is included to counter any confusion and ensure continuity. Take the Lead Dog Training's board and train option is also suitable for those loving owners with personal professional or physical barriers, preventing them from effectively achieving their desired goals themselves. Please state 'Board and Train enquiry' on your contact form when you contact us.

Take the Lead Dog Training will not compromise the welfare of your dog in order to achieve a training aim. We will not 'push on' if it is not in the absolute best interests of the dog to do so. We will certainly not 'push' any dog until we are certain that the dog understands the exercise or requirements. If this means termination of training, then training will be terminated and no charge will be incurred. Where practicable to do so, Take The Lead Dog Training will record training as evidence of our commitment to honesty and transparency.
Whilst we might repeatedly demonstrate the desired training outcome upon completion of our direct involvement, Take The Lead Dog Training cannot provide a 100% guarantee that training received will last in all circumstances and for the life of the dog should the owner chose not to follow our instruction or fails to keep in contact with us. This is due to the magnitude of circumstances which may arise throughout the lifetime of the dog over which Take The Lead Dog Training have no control. Where aggression is an issue, Take The Lead Dog Training will ALWAYS recommend muzzling and close supervision as part of the behaviour modification process. Whilst we are fully insured, Take The Lead Dog Training will not be held in any way accountable for any injury sustained to any person or animal as a result of such dogs failing (for whatever reason) to wear a muzzle or follow our advice. Please remember that (under law) proper control of your dog is your responsibility at all times.

Please note: For your Pet Supplies we recommend Ron's Pet Supplies in Tavistock Pannier Market.

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